Ceramic vs Titanium Curling Iron | 7 Main Differences

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Ceramic vs Titanium Curling Iron

Everyone loves curls, but when it comes to choosing a curling iron, people often get confused between ceramic and titanium curling iron. 

These two are the best curling irons, but still, the question is there which one is better: Ceramic vs. titanium curling iron? 

This is what our blog is about today. In this blog post, we will see the 7 major differences between ceramic and titanium curling iron that will help you decide. But before that, let’s see:

Different types of curling irons

There are 5 different types of curling irons:

  1. Spring-loaded curling iron.
  2. Marcel iron.
  3. Curling wand.
  4. Flat iron.
  5. Brush iron.
  6. Rotating curling iron.
  7. Spinning hair.
  8. Hot air brush.
  9. Spinning brush iron.
  10.  Triple barrel curling iron.

Ceramic vs titanium curling iron

Now, let’s discuss the 7 differences between these two curling irons:


The first main difference is usability, which curling iron will be best or designed for which hair type. For example, for those who have damaged hair, the ceramic curling iron will be best for them.

They have smooth surfaces, so they will not exact much pressure on your hair. Also, they will protect your hair from damage and retain moisture. So, a ceramic curling iron is perfect for damaged hair.  

On the other side, a titanium curling iron is best for thick, fragile, or coarse hair. The best thing about titanium is it will not leave any frizz; it’s the best frizz defense curling iron that holds the curls better.

If you want to straighten your frizzy hair, we have uploaded a proper 5 step guide on how to straighten frizzy hair. This is very simple guide and you will learn the steps easily.


After reading the usability, you might have selected the one curling iron according to your hair type, so let’s talk about their prices. There are so many brands in the market, so the price varies. But just for comparison, we will see the average prices of both. 

Usually, titanium curling rods are more expensive than ceramic ones because they can give frizz-free, long-lasting curls. The ceramic curling irons start from $14.34, and titanium starts from $46. But, one thing that I suggest to you here is that do go for cheaper or settle for less and choose the one based on features, not on the price tag. 

3-Heat conduction

The one thing always seen in styling tools before buying them is the rate of heat conduction. How much heat does the particular tool conduct heat or, in simple words, how much ability the tool has? 

You might have seen that some curling irons are so good that your hold curls for a whole day, whereas some are so bad. This is how the heat conduction of the tool is judged. Thick and coarse hairs need a curling device that could each 380 to 450 degrees because those hairs are difficult to curl and therefore need strong heat to make a curl.

On the other hand, thin hair is very easy to curl, so ceramic curling iron will be best for them. The rate of heat conduction is greater in titanium curling iron than in ceramic curling iron.


Now, if you have to use a styling tool daily, what would you choose: titanium or ceramic curling iron?

Of course, your answer will be more durable. So, if we compare both curling irons, the titanium curling iron is the most durable. You might be thinking, how?

Let me explain; the titanium curling iron is lightweight and easier to use. Also, ceramic is the most fragile material that can easily break or crack. It will start cracking if you ever drop them or are exposed to heat for a long period. That is the one reason these curling irons do not tend to get much hotter.

Also, the curling irons are quite heavier. On the other side, titanium curling irons are lightweight and much easier to use. Also, the construction is sturdy, so it won’t easily break or crack.

5-Easy to use

It’s human nature to choose or buy a product that is easy to use. This is what the majority of people will prefer. Especially those who use curling or styling irons regularly, not the one that is painful to use. 

Of the two curling irons, the titanium curling iron is easier and more convenient. With this curling iron, you can easily make curls even in your thick and frizzy hair without exerting pressure on your wrist and arms. The titanium iron heats faster than a ceramic one, which is why it’s the faster styling tool.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about breaking or cracking this curler. On the other hand, ceramic is heavy; therefore, you need to use pressure and force to curl your hair. You will feel tired after using a ceramic curling iron for 5 to 6 minutes, so it’s not very convenient. 


There is also one very important thing that people see before buying any styling tool, which is protection. You might have heard that it is always advised to use protective styling tools. Now, what does protective styling tool mean?

A styling tool that prevents moisture loss and does not burn your hair. Most of the time, women start using any styling tool without reading or doing research on that. As a result, their hair becomes dull, dry, frizzy, and feels completely burnt. 

If we compare both curling irons from this perspective, the ceramic curling iron is the clear winner. Because this curling iron does not get much hotter maintains the moisture in the hair and fights the frizz problem smoothly.

It will help lock the moisture in the hair cuticles and give you a visible shine. While on the other side, the titanium curling iron is a rapid heat-up tool that gets very hot quickly and does not prevent any moisture. 

7-Effectiveness or heat transfer 

Both curling irons differ when it comes to effectiveness or heat transfer. Until you have read that titanium is the fastest and easy-to-use curling iron, it is but does not distribute the heat evenly.

The titanium curling irons have hot and cold spots on their surface. On the other hand, ceramic curling irons give even better heat; that’s why the majority of the stylist prefer ceramic curling iron.


  1. Is ceramic or titanium better for hair?

    If you want a quick and fast solution then titanium is the best for you that heats in no time and gives you an amazing look. Whereas, if you want less heat for your heat then ceramic will be perfect for you. Ceramic is less damaging than titanium curling or flat iron.

  2. What does turbo mean on a curling iron?

    The Turbo feature is used to increase the temperature. The turbo increases the temperature by 36 ° to 400 °F.

  3. Is ceramic flat iron better than titanium?

    Yes, if you don’t want to damage your hair and want to maintain the moisture in your hair then yes the ceramic flat iron is better than titanium.


So, that was all. Both curling devices have their specialties and drawbacks. However, both are popular and give you amazing results. The votes are 50-50 some people like ceramic curling iron because it does not damage the hair, whereas on the other side some people prefer titanium curling because it is easy to use and gives you great curls that last long all day. 

If you ask me for my recommendation then I prefer INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR curling iron. This is the good ceramic curling iron that will give you frizz-free curls all day and in the titanium I like BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium curling iron it’s budget-friendly and best for thick hairs. 

Also, the one thing that I want to suggest you always use a leave-in-conditioner before using any ceramic curling wand or titanium hair curler that will give you a hydrated shiny look. If you don’t know how to use a leave in conditioner properly, read our guide on how to use leave in conditioner.

If you have any other suggestion or query in your mind feel free to let us know in the comment section or simple email us at info@trulybeautyhouse.com

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