How Long Does Hair Have to be to Wax?

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How Long Does Hair Have to be to Wax

Whether you are a new waxer or have been doing it for a long time, one question is: How long should your hair be to be waxed?

Well, this is a very tricky question because if you wax your short hair, it will not be easily removed, and if you wax your long hair, it will be very painful. So, how long does your hair have to be waxed?

This is what our blog is about today. In this blog, we will answer all your questions regarding waxing, which products you should use, and how often you should wax your hair. Also, we will answer some of the questions that you are embarrassed to ask someone but want to know. So, in this blog, you are going to get so many answers that will defiantly help you, so without wasting time, let’s get into the guide:

Importance of Waxing 

Before we talk about hair length for waxing, let’s see its importance and why people prefer waxing it. 

Personal hygiene is essential. And there are many ways to remove hairs from parts that, include:

  1. Trimming with scissors. 
  2. Shaving. 
  3. Waxing. 
  4. Hair removal creams.
  5. Tweezing.

Now, you might be thinking that there are many ways why we are talking about waxing. According to research and survey, it has been proved that 88% percent of women aged 18 to 24 use wax to remove hairs from private parts. The question here is why?

This is why trimming, shaving, and tweezing do not remove your hair from the root, only cut from the top, which makes the hair thick and hard. On the other side, hair removal creams are great for removing pubic hairs and are the second most used method because it’s painless. But, it has some drawbacks; it makes your private parts dark because they contain powerful chemicals. Although there are many best hair removal creams in the market, and if you want to for the easy option, then these are best for you.

If we talk about waxing, it will reduce your hair growth, keep your skin soft, and not darken your skin texture. Moreover, waxing private parts has no risk of nicks and cuts.

How long does hair have to be to wax?

If this is your first of doing waxing, there will be so many questions and concerns, and we do understand. Therefore, this question is completely valid. Being an expert, the hair length for waxing is ¼ inch or (0.64 cm) long. You can say that around the grain of a size.

This size will remove your hair from the root and will be less painful than waxing long hair. This is an ideal size for all parts. This size is not too long or short. This length usually lasts 3 to 4 weeks, but it depends on your hair growth.

How long does bikini wax last?

This question does not have one accurate answer because it depends on various factors. The first and most common factor is “Hair growth. “And hair growth depends on two things age and hormones.

If you have fast pubic hair growth, your bikini wax will last 2 weeks. Whereas, if you have normal growth or you wax after every two to four weeks, you will see that your hair growth will reduce so much that your bikini wax will last five to six weeks. 

Also, it depends on the type of Wax. Some waxes are sticky enough to do your hair and remove hair from the root. At the same time, some waxes are not good enough. So, if you ask for my suggestion, I will suggest Flamingo Women’s Pubic Hair Wax is very good, especially for bikini line waxing. It’s very sticky and very affordable.

Waxing bikini area (Good or Bad)

This is the most asked question. Especially if this is your first-time bikini waxing, this question will probably be in your head. 

Now, there is a long battle about whether you should wax your bikini area.

Well, everything is not perfect. Similarly, waxing comes with some advantages and disadvantages. So, if we compare waxing with other hair removal methods, waxing is a great way to remove large thick hairs from the roots. Waxing prevents regrowth for up to 2 to 3 months because it removes your hair from the root. Also, it keeps your skin soft and will not damage your skin texture because it contains no chemicals. 

On the other side, the downside of waxing is it’s very painful, and some people cannot bear it because it involves stretching. That is the reason why most people use to go shaving and hair removal creams. Other than pain, if you have sensitive skin, it might be possible that it will harsh your skin. Some people also experience red bumps and minor bleeding. 

Overall, waxing is an excellent hair removal method, but the pain is there. First-time waxing is more painful, but it will slowly reduce with time. Also, one thing is very important in waxing that is the stretching technique. If you stretch against the natural direction of the hair, then the pain will probably cause. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to do waxing before doing it yourself. However, if you have sensitive skin, I recommend you not go for waxing.

Shaving vs waxing pubic hair

Shaving vs waxing pubic hair

Now, we will compare the two popular hair removal methods and see which is good. Also, this comparison is not only for women but also for men. So, let’s take a look:

Waxing vs shaving pubic area: Process

The first thing that people want to know is which method is faster and easy. So, if we compare both methods on these two factors, then shaving is probably the quickest way of removing pubic hair. Shaving hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the hair length.

Whereas waxing takes 30 to 40 minutes because you need to re-warm your Wax again and again. But now, as technology has improved, there are different types of wax machines available that will in heating and applying applications like an Electric wax heater and a Portable wax heater machine; you can check them out. They are faster than traditional waxing methods. But still, shaving is faster than waxing.

Waxing vs shaving pubic area: Which is safe?

If we talk about the safety level, waxing is safer than shaving as waxing includes strips that could be of cloth or paper and involves stretching techniques. On the other side, shaving includes razors which means the chances of cuts are there.

However, if you still prefer shaving then waxing, we suggest you choose the razors that give you more protection and safety. If you ask me to recommend any product, in that case, I will tell you this electric shaver which is a multi-functional 5 in 1 waterproof electric razor which will not give you any cuts. 

Waxing vs shaving pubic area: Pain level

So, here comes another important question that people mostly ask us which hair removal method is less painful? 

As I mentioned above, waxing involves stretching techniques that will involve pain. In contrast, shaving involves a rubbing technique, so it’s less painful. So, you can say that waxing has moderate pain and shaving has minimal pain.

Waxing vs shaving pubic area: Cost

If you have fast hair growth and are exploring an affordable hair removal method, it’s shaving. If you compare the cost of both methods, shaving will cost you $10 to $50, depending on whether you use disposable razors or electric razors. On the other side, waxing will cost around $50 to $70, depending on whether you use home kits or go for professional services. 

Waxing vs shaving pubic area: Skin type

This is also another important question that you should understand before you start waxing and shaving. As I mentioned above, waxing is not suitable for sensitive skin as it may irritate. On the other side, shaving is excellent for all skin types. 

Waxing vs shaving pubic area: Hair length

This is also another common question that people ask us. Whether you have less or too much pubic hair shaving method is great. On the other side, hair length for waxing is ¼” to ½.”

Waxing vs shaving pubic area: Side effects

Before you use any hair removal method, it is essential to know its side effects so that we will tell you this. If you have sensitive skin or use the wrong stretching technique, you may have irritation, redness, bumps, infection, rashes, and scarring. 

On the other side, shaving can cause itching, razor burn, cuts, and folliculitis.

Waxing vs shaving pubic area: Which lasts longer?

Now, if this is your first time removing pubic hair and you are confused about which method lasts longer, waxing is the clear winner. Wax removes your hair from the root so that re-grow will take less time. On the other side, shaving only cuts your hair, or you can say trims, so it grows faster. So, waxing lasts 3 to 4 weeks, whereas shaving lasts 3 to 7 days. 

So, now this comparison can answer your question: Is waxing men’s pubic hair suitable or not? 

If you don’t have sensitive skin, waxing is good; otherwise, go for shaving. 

Does waxing stop hair growth?

Honesty speaking, it’s a myth! People think waxing will stop hair growth, but it’s not true. However, waxing does prevent your hair from growing back for a long time but does not entirely stop. 

In short, it can reduce your growth rate but cannot stop it. 

First-time bikini wax tips

Here is a bonus tip for people asking how to prepare for a bikini wax. Follow the tips:

  • Grow your hair for at least four weeks.
  • Exfoliate your skin.
  • Identify which types of Wax will be good for you.
  • Use smoothing lotions or oils after waxing.


  1. Is it better to wax or shave?

    If you want the last longing results and soft glowing skin, waxing will be best for you. Whereas, if you have sensitive skin and want a quick, affordable hair removal method, you can go for shaving.

  2. How long does it take for pubes to grow back?

    Your pubic hair takes an average of 20 to 45 days to grow.

  3. Can pregnant women get waxed?

    Yes, a pregnant woman can use the waxing method. In pregnancy, your hormones usually change a lot. You will see extra unwanted hair if you have sensitive skin or have specific skin allergies. Then we will suggest you avoid waxing.

  4. How fast does pubic hair grow after shaving?

    Shaving does not last longer; therefore, you will see that fate 7 to 8 days, your pubic hair will start growing back.

  5. Can you shave after waxing?

    Yes, you can. It’s completely fine, but shaving will take you back to where you started. It will make your hair blunt thicker, and darker.


So, that was all about waxing. We tried to answer all the questions you might be embarrassed to ask someone. Personal hygiene is equally important for everyone. Therefore, this article is for everyone, men, women, and neutral.  

Consider me your advisor and ask me anything. I will be happy to help you. Thank you.

If you have any other suggestion or query in your mind feel free to let us know in the comment section or simple email us at

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