How to Get Fair Skin Tan | 5 Helpful Tips

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How to Get Fair Skin Tan 5 Helpful Tips

Everyone has a different type of skin tone and that is why there are different tanning sessions and tanning bed products. Like, when it comes to skincare or makeup products there is a different wide range of products. Similarly, there are different tips for fair skin tanning. Might be that is the reason that people who have fair skin don’t get much tanning effect by following the brown skin tanning tips.

But don’t get worried we are here to help you. In this blog, we will tell you about some amazing tips about fair skin tanning. So, without wasting time let’s get into the guide:

How to get fair skin tan?

Always use sun protection

Whether you have fair or dark skin sunscreen is important. Spending too much time under the sun without using any sun protection will not only burn your skin but will eventually damage it. Therefore, tanning without any sun protection is your worst enemy for a pale person.

Some people have a perception that you can only get a tan after burning. This can happen if you have olive skin, but if you have fair skin, there are chances that tanning without applying sunscreen will cause damage and dry your skin. Also, there are chances that your skin will peel and you will feel a lot of pain for days. 

At this point, you might be thinking about how to get a tan using sunscreen.

The answer is that protection won’t stop you from tanning; it will stop you from burning. If you want to protect yourself from sunburn, sunscreen is mandatory.

Build up your tan slowly

Sun reacts to every skin tone differently. So, there are some guidelines for a fair skin tan.

If you are tanning in the sun, start with 15-20 minutes in the sun for the first session. Then increase the subsequent tanning session’s time by 5-10 minutes slowly and monitor your skin regularly to ensure that your skin is not burning. 

If you are using tanning beds, start with 2-3 minutes. As your tan develops, you can increase the number of minutes you have been on it. Again, increase the switch-on time only gradually and always only in 1-2 minute increments.

Let the skin rest

Remember one thing tanning is the result of the production of melanin in the skin cells. So, you don’t have to sit under the sun or in a tanning bed sunbed until you see the color develop to know you’ve tanned. Your cells will start to stimulate to start the tanning process, and if you give your skin rest after exposure. You will probably notice tan by the evening then you will see it during tanning.

Use tanning accelerators

Tanning accelerators are great that will undoubtedly speed up the tanning process and start the natural tanning process of your skin. If you are short on time or want to see results faster, this is for you. If you sunbathe, apply it over cream with SPF. If you sunbathe on a tanning bed, apply before you go.

Nourish and moisturize your skin

To produce melanin, you need to build the melanin and tyrosine in your skin. Tan Accelerators contain l-tyrosine, applying it over an SPF means will give your skin exactly what it needs. It is important to keep the skin hydrated not only after tanning but also during tanning.

Not only do you keep your skin moisturized, it is also important to keep the body hydrated from the inside. Drink a lot of water and use a highly moisturizing product on your skin. Many products in the market will take care of your skin by hydrating and creating a layer on the surface of your skin that locks in moisture throughout your tanning session.


  1. How to tan as a pale person?

    Start by spending 15 to 20 minutes under the skin and use SPF 30 after every 2 hours.

  2. What are the best tanning tips for pale skin?

    The best tanning tips include
    – Drink a lot of  water
    – Prep your skin
    – Eat vegetables
    – Use a good sunscreen

  3. Does tanning permanently darken skin?

    No, tanning is never permanent because it’s a temporary effect that fades out over time new cells form and your skin texture will return to its original skin tone.

  4. How to tan safely with fair skin?

    For a safe tan effect, you need to start with a shorter time and use good sunscreen that will give you protection from sunburn.

  5. Can the sun permanently darken your skin?

    No, neither the sun nor the tanning bed will give you a permanent tan effect because the skin naturally exfoliates over time and therefore the tanned skin will flake off.


Every skin tone has different needs and we do understand that is why this guide is for people who wants fair skin tan. Tanning is a time taking process and needs extra care and protection. Follow the tips above and you will get a glowing tanning effect. 

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