How to improve tanning bed results day by day?

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how to improve tanning bed results day by day

Outdoor tanning is fun but some countries in the world have very limited or no exposure to sunlight. Those people of the countries use self-tanners and tanning beds for getting a tan effect. But self-tanners are like a creamy lotion.

When you apply it will give you a tan effect but when you feel a little sweating the self-tanner starts to wash off. In comparison, a self tanners tanning bed is the most effective and safest option for tanning. It’s an indoor tanning service which is famous by the name sunbed tan that will give you a semi-permanent golden brown texture for up to 30 days.

The tanning bed results are amazing and that is why it’s very popular. But in order to get a tan for such a long time, there are tips that you need to follow. These tips will help you improve the tanning bed results day by day. So, without wasting time let’s get into the guide:

How to improve the tanning bed results day by day

In order to get the fast tanning effect in a tanning bed, there are some steps or you can say are tips that you follow. These tips will give you the best results in a very short time. These are also the best tanning bed tips for beginners. So, without wasting time let’s take a look:

Remove makeup

Most people don’t pay attention to this step and therefore skip it. Removing makeup and cosmetic products before taking the tanning bed session is mandatory. Because makeup products will block the UV rays from entering your skin. Taking tanning services with makeup on can cause allergies. That is the reason we always recommend you to take a shower or remove makeup with makeup wipes.

Exfoliate your skin

The first step is very important, which is exfoliation. Exfoliation will remove dead cells from your skin and will make it clean. It’s very important to clean the skin before taking any tanning session so that the UV rays can better penetrate your skin. The more rays go into your skin the more the production of melanin will be.

There are many different types of scrubs in the market. But, if you have sensitive skin and don’t want to use chemical contain products you can use home scrubs for exfoliating your skin. Mix honey and sugar and your homemade scrub is ready.


The second thing that you can do in order to improve the tanning bed results is moisturize the skin. A moisturized, healthy and hydrated skin can better absorb the UV rays as compared to dry skin. In matter what your skin type is, moisturizing your skin is very important. Even if you have oily skin, a moisturizer is important. There are different moisturizers for different skin types. With moisturizer, drink a lot of water. Drinking water before and after a tanning bed is very beneficial.

Moisturizer to improve tanning bed results day by day
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Use a sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is mandatory whether you are exposed to the sun or taking a tanning bed session. Sunscreen will not only protect your skin from burning and damage but will also boost the production of melanin which will darken the tan texture. Sunscreen is essential whether you are taking indoor or outdoor tanning services.

Eat healthy foods

According to research and studies, it has been seen that eating vegetables and fruits, especially the ones that are yellow and orange helps you get a natural tan. The fruits and vegetables that are good for maintaining the tan effect are carrots, mangos, peaches, tomatoes, and spinach. These fruits and vegetables contain carotene and vitamins that will enhance your skin pigment, improve skin elasticity, and keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

Avoid shaving and waxing

After tanning, wait for at least 8 hours before you do waxing or shaving. If you have sensitive skin we recommend you wait for 24 hours. 


  1. How much is a tanning bed?

    A tanning bed usually costs around $2000 to $6000.

  2. How often should you tan in a tanning bed?

    For best results, it is recommended to take the 3 sessions per week.

  3. How long does a tanning bed last?

    The tanning bed tan lasts for about 27 to 30 days.

  4. How many times in a tanning bed does it take to get tan?

    The tanning bed almost takes 3 to 4 sessions to give a tan effect.


These are all the tips to improve tanning bed results day by day. The instant tanning bed will give you different types of tan according to the level of a tanning bed. The tanning bed works in the same way as a UV index.

The higher the UV index will be the higher the tanning effect you will get. Similarly, the higher the level of tanning bed is the more tanning effect you will get. But to get the natural tan effect there are some tips that you need to follow.  I think the tanning bed is a great way to get a tan by staying at home. 

If you have used the tanning bed service do share your experience with us. We will be happier to listen.

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