How to Use Leave in Conditioner | Easy Guide

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how to use leave in conditioner

You might be using conditioners for so long, but have you ever thought about what are conditioners used for?

A conditioner is used to stabilize your hair’s PH level after shampooing and will give your hair a shining and smoothing effect. 

But now the conditioners are slowly being replaced by the leave in-conditioners. Those new to this term or thinking about using the leave in conditioner but are confused about how to use it or what is a good leave in conditioner to use, don’t think so much! This guide is all about the leave in conditioner. 

After receiving so many quires on how to use leave in conditioner, we decided to develop a guide that could answer all your questions. But before that, let’s take a short review.

What is a leave in conditioner?

Leave in conditioners are also known as no-rinse or leave-on conditioners. It’s a kind of hair moisturizer that is usually applied on hair after shampoo and doesn’t need to wash off. 

A conditioner nourishes and repairs your hair damage and improves your hair elasticity, shine and strength. Leave in conditioner comes in various forms:

  1. Spray leave in conditioner
  2. Lotions and creams, leave in conditioner
  3. Water-based leave in conditioners

Is leave in conditioner good for hair?

Now that you know about leave in conditioners, there is also one common question that we often receive whether a leave in conditioner is good or not for your hair.

The short and simple answer is Yes!

Is leave in conditioner good for hair

The leave in conditioners give extra moisture to your hair, help detangle the stands and protect them from all types of damage. The conditioner will hydrate, heals, strengthen and smooth your hair. After using it for a week, you will feel your hair is healthier, smoother, and has less damage overall. 

The best thing about leave in conditioners is that it’s best for nearly every hair type curly, straight, frizzy, natural, and even for color-treated hairs. Especially if you use hair-styling tools like curling and straightening irons, the leave in conditioner will cover all your dryness, breakage, and frizz.

How to use a leave in conditioner?

Now, it’s time for a most important question how to use it. People usually use it after the shampoo. A leave in conditioner works in the same way as your basic or normal conditioner works. 

So, below are some of the instructions that you need to follow if you want the best results:

  1. After washing your hair, ensure no more shampoo is left in your roots. 
  2. After shampooing, you can also apply your regular conditioner if your hair is too dry, frizzy, and damaged and needs extra conditioning. But there is one very important thing if you are using regular conditioner: wash it out after 5 to 10 minutes. 
  3. Then gently dry your dry with a soft towel to soak excess water but do not dry your hair completely. Make sure that your hair is still damp. 
  4. Section your hair and then apply a small amount of leave-in-conditioner. 
  5. After applying the conditioner brush, you’re with wide come or brush. 
  6. Let the hair dry, and then style it the way you want. 

Benefits of leave in conditioner

As I mentioned earlier, leave in conditions are best for every hair type, so now we will see each conditioner benefits each hair type separately. So, let’s get into it:

Frizzy hairs

Frizzy hair is a very common problem that is caused due to dryness and damage. Even if you try to style it, your hair still looks poofy and frizzier. Your hairs usually become frizzier when you live in a hot, humid climate or spend a lot of time under the sun.

Applying a leave in conditioner on frizzy hairs will add moisturizer to the hairs and adds smoothness to them. The conditioner will coat your hair and act as a cover to protect your hair from sun, heat, and harsh environments. 

Dry or damaged hairs

Dry hairs are also very common because they eventually cause damage, fizziness, and breakage. Especially if your ends are particularly dry, the leave in conditioner will act as the best moisture. 

Your hair can also get damaged if you often use hot-styling tools like straighteners and curly irons. Leave in conditioners will give your hair a protective layer before using any heat tools and slowly heal your hair. 

Benefits of leave in conditioner

Curly or permed hairs

Curly or permed hairs are very difficult to maintain as they quickly and easily become dry and frizzy and therefore need extra care and moisture. The leave-in-conditioner will give your permed hair hydration and nourishment and will make your hair shiny and smooth. The conditioner contains elastin proteins that repair your permed hairs without losing their curls, volume, and texture. There is a special leave in-conditioner spray for curly hair in the market, like MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner.

Bleached or colored hairs

Leave –in-conditioner are mandatory for colored and bleached hairs as they need extra care. The conditioner will also increase color strength and improve hair quality. Moreover, the conditioner will minimize the hair fall that often happens after bleaching and help the color last longer.

Leave in conditioner vs. conditioner. 

Let’s compare the leave in conditioner with the regular or basic conditioner. The biggest difference is that you don’t need to wash leave-in conditioners as they are no rinse conditioners. On the other side, if you apply regular conditioner, you need to wash it off for at least after 5 to 10 minutes.

The other difference is that the leave-in conditioners are more lightweight than regular shampoo. The regular conditioner will only rehydrate your hair, whereas the leave-in conditioner will repair, heal, and give moisture to your hair for up to 3 days.

Deep conditioner vs. leave in conditioner 

Now, let’s talk about deep conditioners. 

Deep conditioners are also known as conditioning masks that can be in place of a conditioner after the shampoo. Let’s compare the deep conditioner with the leave in conditioner. Deep conditioners will stabilize your hair’s PH and rebuild your protein structure. Moreover, they will improve hair elasticity and enhance moisture retention. Deep conditioners are great for chemically damaged, bleached, and dye hairs. 

On the other side, the leave in conditioner is lightweight and reduces hair frizz and damage. Moreover, the conditioner will maintain moisture and freshness in your hair. 


  1. When to use leave in-conditioner?

    Leave-in-conditioner is usually applied after shampooing damp hairs. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to apply every day or once a week, depending on your hair needs.

  2. Can you put a leave in conditioner on dry hair?

     Usually, the leave in-conditioner is applied on damp hair, but you can also use it on your dry hair if you want. It will reduce the fizziness in your hair. However, the best practice is to use it on clean damp hairs.

  3. How often should you use a leave in conditioner?

    The best practice is to use it on alternate days; however, it highly depends on your hair type. 

  4. Can you use a regular conditioner as a leave in conditioner?

    The answer is yes and no. Let me explain: regular and leave in-conditioner have different compositions and are made for different purposes. If your regular conditioner contains the following compounds:
    * Silicones
    * Dimethicone
    * Dimethiconol
    * Behenoxy dimethicone
    * Phenyl trimethicone
    * Simethicone
    * Trimethicone
    * Polydimethylsiloxane
    Then you cannot use it as a leave-in-conditioner; otherwise, you can.

  5. What does a leave in conditioner do for your hair?

    The leave-in-conditioner will give extra moisture to your hair and protect your hair from damage and help detangle the strands. Moreover, it will repair your dry, damaged and frizzy hair and give it shine and smoothness.

  6. Can you leave the regular conditioner in your hair?

     No, the regular conditioner contains some ingredients that could harm you if you keep leaving them in your hair and can cause hair fall, breakage, and scalp irritation.


So, that was all about the leave in conditioner. Being a hair expert, if you ask me what a good leave in conditioner to use is, I will suggest to you Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils that this conditioner is best for nearly every hair type. I have personally used this conditioner. Also, share with us which type of conditioner you use for your hair.

If you have any other suggestion or query in your mind feel free to let us know in the comment section or simple email us at

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